What are the Different Surface Finishes for Granite?

Granite is widely used in the construction industry because of its beauty and durability. It has remained a material of choice for many residential homes and commercial spaces worldwide for decades. And with the number of surface finishes available to granite, its range of applications is countless—from pool coping to wall cladding.

Here’s a list of the four most popular granite finishes in the Philippines:

a. Polished Finish

The Polished Finish is the most popular granite texture on the market. It has a mirror-like shine that brings out the full color of the stone. It is the smoothest and shiniest among all surface finishes available.

It is achieved by grinding and buffing the slab with a series of abrasive pads, similar to sandpaper. The process starts from 50 grit and can reach up to 3,000 grit to obtain a glossy finish.

The Polished Finish is ideal for countertops and other interior applications, such as floor tiles and stair treads. We highly discourage our customers from using it outdoors as it can be very slippery when wet.

b. Honed Finish

If you are looking for a granite countertop with a smooth, satin surface, you should go with a Honed Finish. It has a low-sheen look and a lesser vibrant color than a polished surface, creating a subtle yet beautiful texture.

The process is the same with Polished Finish; however, the procedure ends before buffing to create a matte surface.

Over the years, the Honed Finish is becoming more popular for countertop applications as the market shifts to a softer and silkier look. However, if you’re someone who likes everything clean and nice, it may not be the best for you because fingerprints and smudges are more noticeable on honed granites.

Apart from countertops, it works best for floors and stair treads because it is less slippery. Moreover, choosing a matte finish means you don’t have to worry about maintaining your floor’s shine, especially if it endures daily heavy foot traffic.

c. Flamed Finish

As its name suggests, the Flamed Finish is formed by exposing granite to highly-pressurized heat, creating a highly-textured surface and a lighter look.

Flamed granites are ideal for outdoor applications, such as shower floors and pool coping, where slip resistance is required.

d. Bush-hammered Finish

The Bush-hammered Finish is also a highly-textured surface but has a more consistent appearance than the Flamed Finish.

It is achieved using powered machines to create a rough, textured surface similar to naturally weathered rocks.

As such, the Bush-hammered Finish is perfect for exterior stone applications, like pavements and patios.


Thanks to modern technology, there are growing ways to use granite for your home and office. Whether you want a sleek and shiny countertop or a naturally beautiful pool tile, there’s definitely a granite slab perfect for your needs.

So what are you waiting for?

Order a granite slab today and see the difference it makes in your space.

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